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Somehow nostalgic

​Somewhere new.


​Fukushima SUKIYA style old folk house


Located in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture

`SUKIYA style old folk house''

A Japanese-style wedding event

You can do it in a traditional old folk house.

Large grounds that can accommodate up to 30 attendees

Wedding ceremony in Japanese attire using the garden

A traditional Japanese wedding ceremony that is unlike any other.

Here it is.

Family gatherings come true

​You can have a warm wedding ceremony.


​ [Feel the Taisho romance]

​Sukiya style old folk house × Bride scene

The set includes kimono rental for the bride and groom, and the costumes will be prepared under the guidance of a dedicated kimono advisor.

Wearing a nice kimono to a wedding event held at an old folk house

You can leave the best memories.

The reception was held at a nearby French restaurant.

​You can also enjoy both Japanese and Western clothing.

Taisho Roman style wedding ceremony with Japanese and Western clothes

​It is possible to take photos with a tuxedo and uchikake, or a dress and a hakama with a crest.




[Plan name]

Old folk house photo wedding plan


220,000 yen (tax included)


  • Venue usage fee

  • Shooting fee 100 cuts (data delivery)

  • 1 dress/tuxedo each

  • Bride and groom kimono rental

  • Dressing/bride hair and makeup

  • ​Planner fee

​1 building reserved/small number of people/Japanese style wedding in an old house



[Plan name]

Old folk house Japanese style public ceremony plan


Starting from 398,000 yen (excluding tax)


  • Venue usage fee

  • Portrait shooting/location shooting

  • celebrant

  • Bride and groom kimono rental

  • Free costume entry fee

  • bride and groom hair and makeup


  • Reception​

  • Added number of shooting cuts

  • ​Venue flower decoration/Hair flower decoration

[Model schedule]

7:00 Bride and groom make-in

9:30 Portrait shooting, wedding rehearsal

10:30  Public wedding ceremony

11:00 Photo time with guests

11:30  Change of clothes

12:00 Meal (optional)

​Fukushima old folk house exclusive planner​

woman with bouquet
​We will make your dreams come true together.

​Wedding PlannerKyoko Sakuma

From major concierge industry to wedding planner

I handle a wide range of things, including flower arranging and dressing.

​We will help the bride and groom with their wedding ceremony.

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